A Visual Journey into J-Min's Story: The Patterns & Design for J-Min Collection's Sustainable Collection

With an artistic and creative background, J-Min always had a desire to create a collection with her own artistic works and designs.

Almost a year ago, she begun sketching patterns that she wanted to use for her collections. "A Visual Journey into J-Min's Story," is her original artworks that intertwines all the elements that represents herself (symbols that deeply connect with her), as well as her cultural experiences inspired by her upbringing in Kenya, her Korean heritage and inspirations. 

Today, we are excited to share the journey, a visual journey into her story- What was once just a brainstormed idea and now, has been brought to life! The more exciting part, the patterns will be implemented onto J-Min's next and new signature sustainable collection!

Behind the Patterns & Design

  • Oval shape - Adopted from the Kenyan flag that represents a shield and signifies unity and peace. 
  • The Mask (overall design)- Masks have served an important role in rituals and ceremonies historically especially among African countries including Kenya. The masks were mainly used within tribes for identity and most times, these masks would have symbols that would depict their ancestors, deities, mythological beings or symbols that connected deeply with them.
  • Cheek lines - The mask is intertwined with lines from the Korean flag on the cheeks. The full Korean flag symbolizes the balance in the universe. The broken bars stand for ‘Yin’ (moon) and the unbroken bars stand for the ‘Yang.’ The bars also represent elements of the universe. In this mask, the three bars on the left - represents heaven and the bars broken up into five - represents water. 

  • Geometrical and abstract patterns - Geometrical patterns and shapes in most African patterns are visual expressions of their society’s culture - philosophy, beliefs, and history. The most common zigzag pattern you have probably seen and one implemented in this design, in historical context used to signify, “to obey the path of the ancestors.” In modern times, it represents that nothing in life is straightforward and the path will be difficult to follow. Triangles or squares - represent the process of learning and accumulating wisdom. Palm trees - represents self sufficiency.  
  • Color - Blue/Shades of blue - most harmonious of colors - reflecting earth, sky, and water