A union of style and culture, connection and identity, underlined by sustainability

J-Min’s Icon Collection shares a personal storyline rooted in cultural experiences and the utmost respect for the environment. Combining artistic prints and sustainable materials, the collection invites you to embrace the season in athleisurewear that does more.

The sustainable collection of limited edition prints, takes wearers on a journey with wearable art that acts as an ode to cultural experiences inspired by Kenyan and Korean heritage. It’s a powerful union of style and culture, connection and identity, underlined by sustainability.

Designed to inspire and embrace

The color scheme plays through hues of blue and green, the most harmonious of all the colors, reflecting the strong natural elements of earth, sky, and water. When worn, the Icon Collection, celebrates our cultural differences with original symbolism crafted from a place of knowledge and respect for wears to feel confident, beautiful and free.

True to J-Min’s signature design style, the athleisure collection blends meaning with sustainability to craft pieces for modern life. The J-Min Icon Collection is a celebration of culture and expression; a way for us to connect to our world through dress. With every artistic print, items are designed to inspire and to serve as a vessel to support our today, but evermore, our tomorrow.

A strong link between the wearer and the world

Every unique print in the Icon Collection was designed by our in-house founder, J-Min, from a place of self-discovery. Every symbol deeply connects with her and embraces her cultural experiences inspired by her upbringing in Kenya, as well as her Korean heritage. Through every design, find a visual journey into her story with patterns and designs embedded in meaning.

While geometrical and abstract patterns represent the process of learning and accumulating wisdom, other elements like the mask depict our ancestors and mythological beings. The result is athleisurewear that acts as a strong link between wearer and the world.

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Looking back on the Journey

J-Min worked incredibly hard since 2019 to bring what was once a brainstormed idea to life!

From a blank canvas, to hand drawings, to digital art and designs, to digital mockups, to fabric picking, to sampling, to wear-testing, to iterating, refining and finalizing.


    We know being healthy isn't just what we do with our bodies but what we also put on. Being OEKO-TEX® and Global Recycled Certified means our products are safe for skin and the environment.

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    Our non see-through, durable fabric is lightweight and silky smooth meaning less friction when moving and a luxurious feel no matter how many washes.