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We envision the world in equilibrium with plenty: clean water, air, animals and where we become the force of restoring rather than degrading it. We invite you all - fitness enthusiasts, nature lovers, adventure seekers, global citizens, entrepreneurs of small business and large organizations, as well as communities - to collaborate and join us as we build our sustainable future.

Our #missionequilibrium campaign offers, in full transparency, the full circular journey on ways we will be implementing sustainable practices from here on. We believe the journey to sustainability is not one that we can do alone. We would appreciate your help in spreading our sustainable goals. We are excited to also take this journey with you and have planned so you can also be a part of it too!

It is our goal to not only raise awareness of our current fashion environmental impact but to also show the exciting possibilities and solutions we have that can help 'close the loop.'

While we are proud of a year of commitment to giving back and empowering women. With the alarming figures of our textile waste, love for nature, becoming more aware of where we fit as humans in our eco system, and the global challenges we continue to face today, we have been re-thinking our business practices and set new goals and commitments. We want to join hands to work towards the global sustainable development goals and be a part of future change in the fashion industry- that is towards being part of the circular economy of eliminating waste, reducing carbon emissions, saving crude oil, repurposing and reusing and saving our resources.

Our new ways are thoroughly and consciously mapped out considering all aspects of the life cycle of our future products - from manufacturing, to delivery, to use, recycling, and regenerating.

Stay updated with our journey towards sustainability with your email below. You may also be considered our prime investor, collaborator, or partner for our future campaign and new sustainable product line. We're excited for you to join and be a part of our journey. We're more than excited to work collaboratively towards a more balanced ecological global environment.



We pledge to the three P's of sustainability- Our People, Planet, and Prosperity. To not only commit to offering premium athleisure collections that have been consciously made. But, also commit to our new core values:

EMULATE - Practice scientific and research-based learning to replicate nature’s forms, processes, and eco-systems. 

RECONNECT - Strive to better understand nature, how we fit, and emulate biological strategies into our designs

WELL-BEING & PHILANTHROPY - Raising awareness of our current fashion environment impact, attention to safety and well-being of our customers and continue supporting local communities

Our Recent & Past Impact
Our Land

Approximately 85 % of the clothing Americans consume, nearly 3.8 billion pounds annually, is sent to landfills as solid waste, amounting to nearly 80 pounds per American per year

- (Environmental Health Journal)


8 million tons of waste end up in our seas every single year (mostly plastics).

640 thousand tons of fishing nets are abandoned at the bottom of the ocean.

(FAO and UNEP)


Nylon, a type of plastic derived from crude oil, used mostly to make women’s activewear because of it’s stretchy, quick-drying, and mildew resistant properties is non-biodegradable.

90% of plastic or nylon waste (additionally from carpet) also end up in our oceans.

In addition, the manufacturing of Nylon process emits nitrous oxide, which is said to be a substance that is partly responsible for depleting Earth’s Ozone Layer, contributing to global warming.

Textile dyeing results in additional hazards, releasing heavy metals and other toxicants.

Synthetic or Standard Nylon

Aside that synthetic or standard nylon (mainly used to make activewear) being non-biodegradable, the production of Nylon undergoes two proccesses that are big threats to our environment.

Oil Extraction - Drilling for oil as a raw material to make plastics or for the production of Nylon takes place under the ocean that has adverse effects including, disrupting marine habitats, oil spills during the process are also harmful for marine life, as well as, creating ocean pollution.

Oil Transformation - The process of distilling, converting the oil into chemicals prepared to  produce the polymers or materials to create Nylon, emits nitrous oxide, which is said to be a substance that is partly responsible for depleting Earth’s Ozone Layer, contributing to global warming or climate change.


We have carefully mapped out our partners and supply chain for our future and the quality of our products whilst also considering and finding the least environmentally damaging life cycle of our future products possible. We are excited to share the possibilities and our reevaluated sustainable development goals and business practices.

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