J-Min Collections was created from a belief that fitness is essential for a healthy and happy life. It’s more than just looking good: it’s about feeling good in yourself, and sharing that goodness with the world, leaving your mark in a positive way.

J-Min Collections: a brand that spreads a philosophy of fitness, driven by a desire to help the wider community. Activewear that is making a difference.


As a committed personal trainer and fitness expert, J-Min has helped men and women transform their bodies and minds with exercise, and it inspired her to create J-Min Collections. J-Min Collections seeks to share the power of exercise with the world, whilst also contributing to the community, for activewear that does more.

As a Korean raised in Kenya, and having immigrated to the US- She had seen the extreme disparity of wealth first hand. She wanted to create an organization with meaning and purpose, that is, by helping bridge the gap.

Believing in this purpose so deeply, J-Min Collections donates a portion of its sales to organizations that work towards making positive changes. J-Min Collection donates $1.50 per checkout.

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As J-Min Collections approaches it's one year anniversary, J-Min is excited to share her plan in making even a greater impact and going 'full circle.' 

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J-Min Collection's mission is not only have women own the finest athleisure looks but, also be able to make that perfect purchase that does more.  

J-Min Collections hope that with every purchase of your leggings or sports bra, carry this philosophy with you and know that you are supporting people in need and making a difference.

J-Min Collection's mission is to also inspire and empower women to live life to their potential and continue to support women who are also empowered.

We collaborate with women who are fearlessly aspiring to be more and working towards becoming their best. With J-Min Collections, fitness is not just a workout. Our health and wellness is also the way we live our lives and the joy and fulfillment we experience.


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J-Min Collections sustainable mission is to raise awareness about ocean waste and its impact on marine life and the exciting possibilities it has to be able to reduce with cutting-edge technologies.

J-Min Collections will offer premium athleisure collections that have been consciously and thoroughly thought out from its manufacturing to delivery and recycling/regenerating. J-Min Collection pledges on the three P’s of sustainability - our people, planet, and prosperity

J-Min Collections is also committing to three new core values:

EMULATE - Practice scientific and research-based learning to replicate nature’s forms, processes, and eco-systems. 

RECONNECT - Strive to better understand nature, how we fit, and emulate biological strategies into our designs

WELL-BEING & PHILANTHROPY - Raise awareness, attention to safety and well-being of our customers and continue supporting local communities




J-Min Collections envisions a world in equilibrium with plenty: clean water, air, animals and where we become the force of restoring than degrading it.