Thank you for helping put a smile in many!

I want to personally thank everyone who supported J-Min Collections over the holidays, as a portion for every checkout was put together into hygiene gift bags to help support girls in Kenya.
I want to give the biggest shout out and biggest thank you to Courtney Honda, Judy Viskoe Sr. and Joe Viskoe for also helping in contributing even more than I had planned.
200 gift bags were donated- Altogether a total of 400 sanitary towels, 400 tampons, 100 resuable sanitary pads, 200 panty liners and 100 shower caps.
Finally, another biggest thank you to Victor Kiiru from Wakenya Watenda Wema for doing what you do everyday! For being the bridge, the connection- having such a big warm heart and making it all happen. 
Thank YOU all so much! There are really no words I can describe how much this has meant to me and how much my heart is filled.
Xoxo, J-Min