Sharing the Magic of Christmas with Kenya

J-Min Collections with the generous kindness and help of Lil Miss Fit Hawaii, Judy Viskoe Sr, and Joe Viskoe together, we were able to send 200 Christmas Hygiene Gift Bags to the girls in Kenya.

Altogether, a total of 400 sanitary towels, 400 tampons, 100 resuable sanitary pads, 200 panty liners and 100 shower caps were all donated to Wakenya Watenda Wema who helped us gift these.

A non-profit organization that works towards improving menstrual health in Kenya. Thank you so much for all your hard work, your big heart and everything you do everyday to bring positive changes to the community.

Just wanted to thank each and everyone of you who have also helped in supporting J-Min Collections during the Holiday Season. Thank you all for believing in our mission & vision. Thank you all so incredibly much for helping me make this even more than I wanted. It truly means the world to me and will mean the world to someone else too.