Giving back to Wakenya Watenda Wema

From J-Min Collections first month of sales and from every purchase made, $1.50 was donated towards Wakenya Watenda Wema.

Having roots & spending a great majority of my life in Kenya, I wanted to make my first donation be tied to where I am from, what defines me, and what has made the person I am today.

I specifically chose to donate to Wakenya Watenda Wema (which means touch a life, create a smile) because I felt I wanted to send this message to women out there who are just like myself- those who are able to pursue their goals, their passion. Those who are just able to live in such great circumstances- being able to have a job or career, being able to take care of their health, having the resources & support around them.

Because this is not something we think about on any daily, but there are many women and young girls out there that do not have that same freedom like we do.

Menstruation being a natural cycle or occurrence, we never would think but is actually considered taboo in Kenya, causing girls to be embarrassed and excluded from many activities, including school and even family and social activities when they are menstruating. Girls also risk using unhygienic alternatives or trade sex for sanitary towels.

Wakenya Watenda Wema works to improve menstrual health, tackle menstrual shame, as well as break the misconceptions around menstruation. They aspire for women to participate in all aspects of society and be able to have mobility and freedom to reach their potential. Wakenya Watenda Wema makes sure sanitary towels are distributed to girls in slums of Nairobi. If you would like to know more or would like to make any further donations in the future:

I just wanted to thank you all so much as this wouldn't have happened without you all. I thank you so much for your business and support. This has been incredibly fulfilling.