Appreciating Personal Trainers/Health Professionals during the month of January

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition/Pre-Post Natal Coach myself, I feel that our industry is often times underrated for what we do.

So many times I have come across misconceptions such as, 'personal training is an easy job, just giving workouts,' or 'all personal trainers do is workout all day.'

While we do give workouts and take care of ourselves within a small time frame, we also significantly spend most of our hours training/helping our clients. The rest of the time we're having to spend time on learning (personal training isn't just about giving killer workouts. There is incredible amounts of science behind movements, mechanics, and the anatomy. Not to forget, each and every one of our clients have specific goals they want to accomplish, some have limitations with their movements due to their orthopedic history, and some have medical conditions that limit their ability to move. Our job as trainers is to overcome all these obstacles and find ways that clients can move with their own bodies, pain free and not forgetting injury-safe.) We have to understand the human body and it's entire system as every part of the body is connected.

Having worked in the industry for over 3 years now, and January being Personal Trainer Awareness Month, rather than making a donation like I typically would do, instead, I gifted a few select personal trainers to show an appreciation for the positive changes they make to people's lives everyday. It's also more than just their hard work that they do but, also going the extra mile, putting extra time and effort to provide amazing information and helpful tips out there for the rest of the community.
One of the lucky trainers, Dr. Steph Dorworth!

During the month of January, J-Min Collections also did a special giveaway contest where a lucky personal trainer and client each won an item from the store. 

Congratulations to our winners, Jayme & Pam!